Virtual Conference

Camila Martins Brock

Pontifical Catholic University, Brazil

Title: Analysis of body balance assessment results at posturography: an integrative review


Background: Posturography objectively assesses the central management of integrated peripheral sensory information (visual, vestibular, and proprioceptive) and the sensorimotor response required for balance. Recently published articles show the peculiarity of the currently available posturography devices and the variety of postural responses found.

Aim: The goal of this integrative review is to analyze the confluence between the outcomes of different studies involving adults and elderly patients with no instability complaints evaluated at posturography.

Methods: Of the 39 articles evaluated for eligibility, 9 articles met the criteria of this literature review. All studies included elderly patients (?65 years). The posturography devices used were: NeuroCom®, Nintendo® Wii, and Bertec®.

Results: The objective data provided by posturography differ as regards the calculation of the oscillatory trajectory and the tests performed. Postural instability was significant under different conditions among the articles.

Conclusion: The final outcome analysis of the different studies showed that age and healthy aging result in modifications in posturography. 


Camila Martins
Pontifi?cia Universidade Cato?lica do Rio Grande do Sul (PUCRS)