Virtual Conference

Mohammed Saad Aldin Aly Elsayed

King Abdullah Medical City, Saudi Arabia

Title: The outcome of using of different techniques in CORRECTION OF NASAL TIP DEVIATION tip surgery


In rhinoplasty surgery, we use different techniques for the correction of the deviation of the tip of the nose.

This study represents our experience with tip surgery for correction in primary and revision septorhinoplasty either with close technique , Extracorporeal technique, Daniel technique ,Dallas techniques or toriumi technique.

Study design:
A retrospective review was done on 130 patients the age range from (18-60) years, cases varied between 35 patients underwent septorhinoplasty with close technique , 50 patients with Daniel technique , 55 patient with Dallas technique and 10 cases with toriumi technique. The corresponding author perform all operations over a period of 5 years at the department of otorhinolaryngology, head and neck surgery at king abdullah medical city, makkah almokarama Saudia Arabia.

Patient and diseases information were collected retrospectively and analyzed after IRB approval.

Different techniques gives good result but Dallas technique give the best result in correction of the deviation of tip of the nose, decrease interdormal distance and to enhance the patient satisfaction according to breathing and aesthetic.

Excellent results were achieved by using Dallas technique , it give the best result in correction of the deviation of tip of the nose ,decrease interdormal distance also most of our patients satisfied aesthetically and functionally.


DR. Mohammed Saad Aldin Aly Elsayed, MD Honorary Assistant professor at the faculty of medicine, the department otorhinolaryngology, head and neck surgery and member of the rhinoplasty society of Europe and pan Arabic society