Virtual Conference
Sanjeev Yadav

Sanjeev Yadav

Uttar Pradesh University of Medical Sciences, India

Title: Obstructive Laryngeal Schwannoma ? A Rare Tumor Excised Transorally


Laryngeal schwannomas are rare benign encapsulated nerve sheath tumor, which are difficult to manage. Due to their obstructive airway nature, a patient may require tracheostomy before definitive management. We report a case of middle aged female complaining of change in voice quality, snoring with frequent apnea episodes and dyspnea that is more on exertion, and lying supine. The patient underwent complete excision using microdebrider?assisted transoral microlaryngoscopy, thus avoiding the need of imminent tracheostomy. Postoperative after 2 months, the patient had normal voice and vocal fold mobility with preserved laryngeal mucosa. Although a novel technique, it is quite effective and safe in the excision of laryngeal Schwannoma without injury to the surrounding structures. 


Sanjeev Yadav has done his MS ENT from PGIMER-Chandigarh and further experience in the subject from AIIMS-New Delhi. Both being premiere institutes of India. He has interest in neuro-otology and laryngology. He has 6 papers with an h-index of 2. He is currently practicing as a junior consultant in department of ENT at UPUMS, Saifai India.