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Liasian Mukhamadieva

Liasian Mukhamadieva

Megi Clinic, Ufa , Russian Federation

Title: Possibilities of immunocorrection in COVID-19 therapy of patients on an outpatient basis


Aim: to evaluate the clinical efficacy of azoximer bromide inclusion in the complex therapy of patients with a confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19 (moderate degree) who were receiving treatment on an outpatient basis.

Patients and Methods: data from medical records of 100 patients who were treated in outpatient clinics for COVID-19 in Ufa (June–November 2020) were retrospectively evaluated. There were 2 groups of 50 patients: the main group receiving azoximer bromide and the comparison group receiving only standard therapy. The criteria for evaluating the therapy efficacy were the dynamics of the disease clinical picture, laboratory parameters characterizing inflammation.

Results: in the main group, the relief of complaints and a significant condition improvement according to physical examination were recorded significantly earlier — after 9.68±5.23 days versus 13.00±4.95 days in the comparison group (p=0.0012). The period of body temperature normalization in patients receiving immunomodulatory therapy was 7.20±1.41 days, which is significantly less than in patients receiving standard therapy — 16.20±2.74 days (p=0.0001). When contacting the outpatient clinic, all patients had an increase in the level of C-reactive protein: in the main group — up to 13.91±17.28 mg/L, in the comparison group — up to 12.22±8.32 mg/L (p=0.71). The result of therapy was a decrease in this indicator to 6.28±5.06 mg/L and 4.44±3.73 mg/L, respectively (p=0.0314). On the 17th day after the treatment initiation, all patients had antibodies (IgM and IgG) to SARS-CoV-2.

Conclusions: azoximer bromide inclusion in the complex therapy of patients with COVID-19 allows for faster normalization of the patients’ condition, is not accompanied by adverse events and can be considered as a pathogenetic therapy variant of patients with COVID-19 with a predominantly severe course in the setting of concomitant diseases.


Leisyan Mukhamadieva is an immunologist, a nutritionist, a physician, a Candidate Sciences in Medicine and an author of many scientific articles in national and foreign authoritative publications.

She obtain a patent for clinical and immunological justification of the use of immunomodulators imunofan and polyoxidonium in the complex therapy of community-acquired pneumonia.