Virtual Conference
Disease of Ear, Nose and Throat
Paranasal Sinuses
Oral Cavity and Salivary Glands
Pharynx and Larynx

Vestibular Function Tests
Otitis Media
Meniere’s Disease
Radiology of Ear

·         Head and Neck tumors
·         Noisy breathing
·         Ear Disease And Otitis Media
·         Sinus disorders
·         Hearing Loss
·         Inner Ear Trauma
·         Bleeding and Infection
·         Tinnitus
·         Tympanostomy
Laryngopharyngeal Reflux
Muscle Tension Dysphonia

Radiation therapy for Head and Neck Oncology
Oral and craniofacial diseases
Prevention of oral cancer
Chemotheraphy of oral cancer and its side effects
Diagnosis and Management
Molecular Pathogenesis of Oral cancer
Head and Neck Surgery
Carotid body tumor
Hematopoietic Stem cell treatment
Advancements in Head and Neck Oncology
Squamous cell carcinoma, melanoma and tumor pathology
Chemotherapy for Head and Neck Oncology

·         Acoustic Neuroma
·         Balance and Related Disorders
·         Congenital Hearing Loss
·         Auditory Neuropathy Spectrum Disorder
Perforated Eardrum
Nasal Septal Hematoma
Acoustic Neuroma And Tympanometry

Foreign Body
Retropharyngeal Abscess

·         Cochlear Implants
·         Auditory Brain Stem Implants
·         Lasers In ENT
·         Rhinology Surgery
·         Rhytidectomy
Speech Therapy for Late Talkers
Speech Therapy for Stuttering
Speech Therapy for Kids with Apraxia
Speech Therapy for Aphasia
Speech Therapy for Swallowing Difficulty

The SARS-CoV-2 Pandemic aspects
Mitigation of COVID-19
Craniomaxillofacial Complex
Pediatric Maxillofacial Surgery / Cleft Surgery
Dentofacial Orthopedics
Frenectomies and Operculectomie
Microvascular Reconstruction
·         Ear Pain
·         Snoring
·         Ear Disorders
·         Ear Infections
·         Hearing Disorders and Deafness
·         Hearing Problems in Children
·         Meniere's Disease
Anesthetic system for micro laryngeal surgery
Anaesthetic techniques for middle ear surgery
Anaesthesia in pediatric otolaryngology
Anesthesia in thoracic surgery

·         Speech Disorder
·        Language Disorder
·        Hearing Disorder
·         Speech Sound Disorder
·         Endoscopy
·         Endoscopic Mucosal Resection
·         Impaired breathing or loss of smell
·         Colonoscopy
·         Endoscopic Submucosal Dissection
·        Dysplasia

Implant material
Techniques of implantation
Cochlear implants
Need of hearing aids
Bone anchored hearing aid

Gastroesophageal reflux infection (GERD)
Acid regurgitation
Drug-induced esophagitis
Obstructive Sleep Apnea
Complex Sleep Apnea Syndrome
Loud Snoring

·         Allergies related to Rhinology
·         Nasal reconstruction: Rhinoplasty
·         Rhinosinusitis
·         Paranasal sinuses
·         Sinus causes and symptoms
·         Nasopharyngeal carcinoma