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Rouf Hussain Rather

Rouf Hussain Rather

Directorate of Health Services Kashmir, India

Title: Pattern of Patients Presenting As Vertigo To The OPD Services At A Tertiary Care Hospital In Kashmir: A Hospital Based Cross-Sectional Study


Background: Vertigo is a symptom of vestibular dysfunction with a sensation of motion. It is one of the common presenting complaints in primary care institutions and emergency departments. Diagnosis of the underlying disease demands that the complaint of vertigo be analysed correctly. 

: To determine the, 1. Associated presenting symptoms & 2. Pattern of diseases, among patients attending the OPD services at a Tertiary Care Hospital in Kashmir. 
Methods: A cross-sectional Study was conducted among the patients (21 to 70 years of either sex) attending the OPD services of Department of ENT, Government SMHS Hospital Srinagar from May 2020 up to October 2021. Patients of Central vertigo, Severe Cervical Spinal disease, Uncontrolled Hypertension and active Heart ailments were excluded. 

Results & Discussion and Conclusion: Vertigo associated with Change in position was the most common symptom present in 62.7% followed by Nausea/Vomiting (30%). Mean age of participants was 43.4 years with an SD of 10.2 years. The minimum age was 22 years & maximum age was 70 years. Out of 110 patients in this study 75 Patients (68.2%) had BPPV, 30 Patients (27.3%) had Meniere's disease & only 5 Patients (4.5%) had Vestibular neuritis. 
The mean age was highest among patients of Meniere's disease (49.50 Years), followed by patients of Vestibular neuritis (44.80 Years) & BPPV (40.85 Years); and this difference was statistically significant. Vertigo with change in position was specifically associated with BPPV, while as Vertigo with Tinnitis/ Aural Fullness/ Fluctuating hearing was specifically associated with Meniere's disease. Vertigo with Nausea and vomiting was specifically associated with 
Vestibular neuritis. All these associations were statistically significant. The Vertigo of BPPV presented for Seconds, the Vertigo of Meniere's disease for Minutes and Hours; & the Vertigo of Vestibular Neuritis presented for days.